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UV disinfection station

UV disinfection station

Product description

Did you know that your bathroom is full of pollutants?

Every time you flush the toilet thousands of contaminated drops
Bacteria and germs disperse in space and land right on your toothbrush.

The STEPDENT company fights this phenomenon and introduces a modern UV disinfection station that works with light intensity
Ultraviolet capable of killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria on the toothbrush.

Imagine the peace of mind you will feel knowing
That your toothbrush is free of harmful bacteria.

With an innovative and compact design you can install the
The device easily in any bathroom without screwing at all!

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UV disinfection station

main features

on the regular device

• Powerful 2200mAh battery
• 5 different compartments for storing brushes for all family members
•Weight 0.26 Kg
• About 40 uses without charging.

on an XL device

•Powerful 4400mAh battery
•Additional compartment for a razor
•Weight 0.49 Kg
• About 60 uses without charging.

•Working temperature 10-50 degrees Celsius
•TYPE-C charging socket

The contents of the package

UV disinfection device.

Wall hanging device (without screws).

USB charger.

User manual.


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